Our History 

Our Chamber was founded in 1970 by Pierre Barbey, our Consul General in Montréal from 1968 to 1974, together with a group of Swiss Businessmen.

The mandate of the inaugural group was to encourage business relations and trade between Switzerland and Canada.

Excellent contacts existed already between large Swiss firms in Montréal and major Canadian Companies. The mandate to expand these to small firms was not an easy assignment.

In October 1971, the first edition of the "Journal" was published. In its 75 quarterly editions the "Journal" informed the members of current events on the economic scene in Switzerland and Canada. The small group of enhusiasts suceeded, mostly through personal contacts and the support of large Swiss firms, to attract Canadian firms to join our Chamber

Networking and social events opened the doors to a great number of smaller firms and individuals who needed a platfom to offer their services and products.

Our Chamber has been successful over the last 40 years to grow and to play an important role in the development of business relations between Canada and Switzerland. Our Chamber is today well prepared to accept the challenges of the future and to continue to offer a forum to the business community, tailored to the needs of the faster changing conditions in today's business world.

Click here to download the booklet published on the 40th anniversary of the Chamber